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We are working on an a written history of Lincoln Air Force Base.

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A Brief History


Units of Lincoln Air Force Base

Veterans Stories (Up. 3/22/16)


Present Day Virtual Tour

Lincoln Air Force Base in
the media


Last Missions: The fates of
Lincoln's aircraft and missiles


Housing the Men: A short history about barracks at Lincoln


Lincoln's Civilian Airfields 1929-Present
Lincoln Air Show Photographs
May 2016

B-47E Stratojet Bomber
(98th/307th Bombardment

KC-97G Stratotanker
(98th/307th Air-Refueling

Atlas-F Intercontinental
Ballistic Missile

(551st Strategic Missile

Nike-Hercules Surface-To-Air Missile (U.S. Army)
(6th Missile Battalion/
43rd Artillery)

Support Aircraft
(Lincoln AFB Base Flight)

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Welcome to the

Lincoln Air Force Base Online Museum

Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A.
Updated: October 21, 2016
From 1954 to 1966, Lincoln, Nebraska was home to Lincoln Air Force Base.

Home to:
100 Bombers
 40 Tankers
 12 ICBMs
and 6,200 Servicemen

 Lincoln was regarded as one of America's most important bomber bases of the 1950s

With Nike anti-aircraft missiles standing guard nearby, the airmen and officers of Lincoln AFB stood long guard awaiting the call they hoped would never come, to fight World War III.

In 1966 the base closed becoming Lincoln Air Park and Arnold Heights. Explore the Force for Freedom you never knew existed
 An Atlas-F missile out of its silo during a "propellant loading exercise"
- An interesting fact about the Atlas is that its internal fuel and oxygen tanks gave the missile much of its ridgid shape, meaning the missile could not stand upright on its own (the metal skin was no thicker than a dime in some places, this was done to save weight). During this exercise, the missile's internal liquid oxygen tank was filled with a non-volatile nitrogen gas to maintain its shape, but in order to fire liquid oxygen was pumped in which readied the missile for firing. This was a dangerous task -Photo from
Col. Clifford James Moore, Jr., 98th Vice-Wing Commander salutes the last B-47 to serve at Lincoln on December 7th, 1965
(Photo by Jim Dunlap)


Added a new 818th Medical Group page

3/22/2016 - Made a new "Contact Us" function on lower-left of page, navigation updates, veterans stories added to "History" link at top.

We are on the lookout for the serial number of a C-47 that used to be on display at the base, located once behind the chapel near the main gate. If you have any photograph please let us know! Marion Brown has a great page of Lincoln AFB "museum" aircraft that once were at the base but have been long since removed. Visit here.

Come visit our "virtual" actual museum artifacts we hope to find a home for someday!

Developing a new page for the 818th Food Services Squadron

Also wanted to update a link to a great Lincoln AFB site at
This guy is doing a great job and has much more on Lincoln AAF than I do, check it out!

A look at the Lincoln flightline about 1963, note base operations on the far left near the tower, fire station #1 near left center, the 307th hangar on the far right and the lines of barracks in the background - Photo by James Dunlap
Strategic Air Command 
Our Mission Statement:

To preserve the history of the former Lincoln Air Force Base located in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A. from 1954 to 1966 along with its veterans and workers through research, documentation and education.

In addition, to preserve the history of the former Lincoln Army Air Field, the 6th Missile Battalion/43rd Artillery U.S. Army and the overall Cold War history of the Lincoln, Nebraska area. 

An Atlas-F Missile passing the Nebraska State Capitol on its way to a silo in Eastern Nebraska

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