307th Air-Refueling Squadron (KC-97G)

Mission:  To support B-47 operations using KC-97 tankers to provide air-refueling, extending the range of those bombers.

History: Effective activation date: Spring 1954 at Lincoln AFB. Equipped with 20 KC-97G tankers, the 98th provided air-refueling capability to the fuel-thirsty B-47. Although the KC-97 was relatively under powered when attempting to refuel jets (as it was propeller driven), it was adequate enough to service Lincoln bombers. 307th KC-97s often deployed to forward bases (such as Goose AB, Labrador and Greenham Common, UK) to provide refueling to outbound bombers should war occur. By April 1960, the 307th was redeployed away from Lincoln to Selfridge AFB in Michigan in a program to better scatter SAC assets in case of war (also for the B-47s to catch up to the slower KC-97s flying outbound to attack targets in the Soviet Union)


Lt Col. Everett Thurlow
Lt Col. Oliver Fowler
Lt Col. Clyde Taylor


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307th Bomb Wing