Interesting Video Links Concerning SAC, The Air Force and Etc.

 Time to get out the popcorn! We've stumbled across a number of interesting videos out there and we've posted the links below

Lincoln Air Force Base

A History of the Former Lincoln Air Force Base - A Preservation Association of Lincoln Brown-Bag lecture about Lincoln AFB (I'm leading the talk, and I'm not the greatest showman - just a word of warning!)


Air Force News Review (Circa 1956) - First part of this "movie-time news" type film displays B-47 tail-gunnery practice down at Schilling AFB in Kansas, an interesting work-out of B-47 20mm tail guns.

Strategic Air Command

Power of Decision - Declassified Strategic Air Command "What If" film depicting a nuclear war in 1960 (from a vantage point of 1958). This has an interesting look at Omaha's communications and coordination to SAC forces before, during and after a simulated attack. It is rather garish though contains good footage of B-47s.

The Air Force Missile Mission (Staring James Stewart, Circa 1960) - The film star (who also was in the Air Force, eventually retiring a one-star general) narrates a film discussing the missile age, along with the interaction in SAC with bombers and missiles.

Aerospace Communications (Staring James Stewart, Circa 1960) - Once more Mr. Stewart helps narrate the story of the importance of Air Force communications and how they would interact during a nuclear war. Interesting discussion of how Air Defense, Strategic Air Command and even civil defense would work out.

Air Force Base Fallout Defense Instructional Film (Circa 1958) - Video discusses Air Base preparations against nuclear attack and demonstrates a simulated fallout environment in which airmen have to work (and be decontaminated from later)

Strategic Air Command 10th Anniversary 1956 (With Special Guest Gen. Curtis LeMay) - Another "Movie-time news" clip regarding SAC's 10th anniversary with a small talk given by General Curtis LeMay

Army Air-Defense Command (Nike-Hercules)

A Brief on ARADCOM Nike missile batteries and their capabilities (Circa 1960) - Led out by the ARADCOM commander, this video gives a briefing on Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules including test firings