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Our website and your history means little without your input, after all its your stories that make the interesting facts about the base! We've delved through official histories and can get straight facts, but the stories from who was there is much more difficult to come by.

We need everyone's input whether you were a General or an Airman, a contractor or civilian worker, an Air Force "brat" or the son/daughter/grandchild of a person at base who has an interesting story to share, we believe everyone's story is an important one when preserving the great history of this base. Please e-mail us at LAFB@lincolnafb.org or fill out our Questionnaire.

No matter how long you served (a day to 12 years) or what your rank, YOUR story is important to us!
Veteran Stories/Photograph Contributions

James Villa - Served with the 307th Bomb Wing from 1961 to 1965

Ken Fisher - Served with the 551st Strategic Missile Squadron and 818th Civil Engineering Squadron

Dave Albanese - Served with the 818th Combat Defense Squadron

Perry Nuhn - Served with the 98th Bomb Wing as a master navigator/bombardier

Jack Geist - Served with USAF in RAF Brize Norton, remarks about Lincoln crews

Joseph McLachlan - Served as LAFB Base Commander 1963 - 1966

Bill Brooks - Served with the 307th A&E Squadron

(Off-Site Link - Photos) Marion Brown - Served in 818th Supply Squadron from 1963-1965

(Off-Site Links - Photos) Duane Koss - Served in Base Fuels (818th Supply) and the 551st Strategic Missile Squadron

(Off-Site Link - Stories) Charles Stone - Served with the 98th Bomb Wing