Lincoln Air Force Base

Cold War Comes To Lincoln: The Lincoln Air Force Base 1952-1966 (27 Pages PDF)
- Cold War Essay Contest Submission to Virginia Military Institute by Leland Jacobs

Strategic Air Command

SAC Dispersal and Alert Concepts (12 Pages PDF)

- Declassified U.S. Air Force file related to bomber/tanker dispersal in 1957

Alert Operations of the Strategic Air Command 1957-1991 (89 Pages PDF)
Offutt AFB History Office publication about bomber/missile alert programs during the period

Strategic Air Command Operations in the Cuban Missile Crisis (146 Pages PDF)
-Declassified U.S. Air Force file related to command operations, communications, airborne alert and dispersal during the Cuban Crisis

SAC Targeting Concepts (14 Pages PDF)
- Declassified document describing an overall operations plan during a war

More On Missiles

On Alert: An Operational History of the United States Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Program 1945-2011 (398 pages PDF)
- Air Force Space Command history of American ICBMs including Atlas-F

The Development of Ballistic Missiles in the United States Air Force 1945-1960 (423 Pages PDF - WARNING BIG FILE!)
- Book describing the history of Atlas, Titan and Minuteman

USAF Ballistic Missiles 1958-1959 (62 Pages PDF)
- USAF Historical Division Liaison Office paper

USAF Ballistic Missiles 1962-1964 (90 Pages PDF)
- USAF Historical Division Liaison Office Paper

USAF Ballistic Missiles 1964-1966 (75 Pages PDF)
- USAF Historical Division Liaison Office Paper

6th Missile Battalion/43rd Artillery (Nike-Hercules)

History of Strategic Air and Ballistic Missile Defense Volume II 1956-1972 (375 pages PDF)
- Army booklet describing ARADCOM operations including SAC base Nike-Hercules defense (6th Missile Battalion/43rd Artillery

Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Nuclear Order of Battle October/November 1962
- An interesting paper describing SAC's massive firepower during the crisis

The Air Force Role in Five Crises 1958-1965
- Documenting the Air Force reactions to Taiwan, Lebanon, Congo, Cuba and the Dominican Republic

General Air Force/Nuclear History

Locating Air Force Base Sites History's Legacy (279 pages PDF)
- An excellent book pertaining to Air Force base ideas and history, interesting "Why bases existed and closed" among other topics document

A Guide to United States Air Force Lineage and Honors
- A guide to understanding organization and possible awards to different levels of Air Force organization (Squadrons, Wings, Etc.)

The Evolution of U.S. Strategic Command and Control and Warning 1945-1972 (479 pages PDF)
- While very much NOT light reading (very academic), this document gives a very in-depth look at how the Air Force and nuclear forces evolved during the Cold War

The Air Force and The Worldwide Military Command and Control System 1961-1965 (93 pages PDF)
- USAF Historical Division Liaison Office document describing the evolution of Air Force command and communications

The Air Force and Strategic Deterrence 1951-1960 (92 pages PDF)
- Historical Division paper describing SAC's adaptation of "New Look" policies and the technological advancements of the 1950s

History of the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff - Background and Preparation of SIOP-62 (37 pages PDF)
- A declassified document describing the creation of the first Single Intergreated Operational Plan that Lincoln AFB would have followed

History of the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff - Background and Preparation of SIOP-63 (52 pages PDF)
- Declassified document describing the SIOP of the next fiscal year