818th Air Base Group / 818th Combat Support Group

Activated: October 11 1954
Re-designated: September 1 1958 (Combat Support Group)
Deactivated: March 25 1965


The mission of the air base group was to support the regular operations of the base, the change in name reflects the incorporation of alert operations at Lincoln AFB.



The 818th Air Base Group took control from the 98th Air Base Group when the 818th Air Division was activated. This was the longest air base unit of the base as it was active from 1954 on into March 1965 when the 818th Air Division was de-activated. Its name changed during 1958 becoming the 818th Combat Support Squadron.

The 818th CSG relinquished command of the base back into the hands of the 98th Air Base Squadron when the 818th Aerospace Division De-activated.


818th Medical Group
818th Civil Engineering/Installations Squadron
818th Food Service Squadron/Services Squadron
818th Motor Vehicle Squadron/Transportation Squadron
818th Air Police Squadron/Combat Defense Squadron
818th Supply Squadron