818th Medical Group
4168th USAF Hospital
98th Tactical Hospital
307th Tactical Hospital

Activated: October 11 1954 (as 4168th USAF Hospital with 98th and later 307th Tac Hospitals)
Re-designated: September 1 1958 (Combat Support Group)
Deactivated: Early 1966


To provide (limited) medical care for the personnel of Lincoln Air Force Base.



Lincoln Air Force Base's medical services were always limited, and this was often mentioned throughout the history of the base. Initially a dispensary was established near the Bachelor Officer's Quarters near the center of the base and until 1964 only a few beds were available for emergencies. After an exhausting effort to secure funds for a hospital, Lincoln received an updated, but not much larger dispensary in 1964 near the northwest corner of the base. This of course, along with the rest of the base, became excess only two years later.

Services available included x-ray machines, limited care for dependents and physiological testing available at the High-Altitude Chamber.

A dental clinic provided oral care at Lincoln and this also included x-rays, oral surgery and 11 officers available to provide care to sometimes 70 persons daily.

In 1962 the 818th Medical Group consisted of 119 Airmen, 38 Officers and 30 Civilians (Out of 263 Authorized).