818th Food Services Squadron / Services Squadron

Dining Hall Themes: American, French, Japanese

Activated: October 11 1954
Re-designated: September 1 1958 (Services Squadron)
De-activated: Mid-1966

The mission of the Food Services Squadron was to provide meal, laundry and other specialized services to the airmen on base.



The 818th Food Service Squadron began serving meals to airmen by October 1954 and remained a provider in this important realm to near the end of the base's time in 1966.

Initially providing food though the Base Commissary, 4 Airmen Dining Halls, an Officer's Club, an NCO Club, a Service Club, Operations Building Cafeteria, Alert Building Cafeteria and a number of smaller outlets and operations, 818th FSS provided hot meals to a hungry SAC Bomber base.

Dining Halls changed over the years to feature different themes including a "Chuckwagon" American Hall for the 307th BW (#5), a Japanese themed Hall, a French Cuisine themed Hall (#1), A "Brown Derby" Hall for the 98th BW (#4) and a general 24 Hour "All-Nite Diner" with "Old Spain" decor hall (#2) tasked with feeding airmen on overnight shifts. Each hall could handle 200 airmen at one time and 700-1000 per meal time.

Base Laundry was provided as well

In 1958 the 818th Food Services Squadron placed amongst the top in the Hennessey Trophy for best dining halls in the Air Force. Lincoln had the "Best" SAC and stateside USAF dining halls that year and won SAC again in 1959.



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