4362nd Post-Attack Command and Control Squadron (formerly Support Squadron)

Mission:  Originally shrouded in secrecy (as the 4362nd Support Squadron), the mission of the squadron was to operate as flying communication centers in the event that ground communication centers were destroyed during a nuclear war. Flying the EB-47L, a specialized variant of the B-47, UHF communications would be relayed by these aircraft from surviving ground control centers and other airborne command posts (the early version of "Looking Glass" or the EC-135) to American bomber forces. Distributed at four bases nationwide, Lincoln was selected in 1962 and was designated operational in July 1962 just a few months before the Cuban Missile Crisis. A little later the mission was declassified and the official title of the squadron was changed to "PACCS"

Ten aircraft flew the operation "Pipe Cleaner" mission from Lincoln AFB starting in August 1962 and this would last until 1964 when newer communications technology, the decline in B-47 operations ended EB-47L missions.

Lt Colonel James M. Pumford       July 1962 - October 1963

Lt Colonel Russel M. Heller, Jr.    October 1963 - 1964

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