98th Air Refueling Squadron Vets Association

98th Air-Refueling Squadron (KC-97G)

The 98th AREFS recieved the last KC-97 ever built from Boeing in 1956.

This is the a mirror page for the 98th AREFS Vets Association. The 98th AREFS was stationed at Lincoln Air Force Base from the mid 50s to the mid 60s. The Vets Association was formed in the early 80s. This web site will try to chronicle the Association beginning with it's reunion in Lincoln Nebraska, in the Spring of 1984.

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Mission:  To support B-47 operations using KC-97 tankers to provide air-refueling, extending the range of those bombers.

History: Effective activation date: Feburary 16th, 1954 at Forbes AFB, Kansas (deployed to Lincoln AFB soon after). Equipped with 20 KC-97G tankers, the 98th provided air-refueling capability to the fuel-thirsty B-47. Although the KC-97 was relatively underpowered when attempting to refuel jets (as it was propeller driven), it was adequate enough to service Lincoln bombers. 98th KC-97s often deployed to forward bases (such as New Foundland, Canada) to provide refueling to outbound bombers should war occur. By March of 1963, with the mission of the KC-97 widely replaced by the jet-powered KC-135, the 98th AREFS was deactivated


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