I'm Rob Branting and I'm a webmaster/researcher for the former Lincoln Air Force Base. I started the Geocities site back in 2000 with the aim of preserving the extremely fascinating heritage of the base when I was 15 years old.

A few years later I pushed forward with attempting to write a book on the base which many of you submitted information and photos for. It has yet still to come to fruition as my first draft somewhat lacked the literary and English-usage mastery that a teenager usually possesses.

Between 2003 and 2009 I regret to say that research was neglected while only minimal updates occurred to the geocities site, partly due to time constraints but also due to Geocitie's restrictive space and usage policies. Between then and now I had graduated high school and attended college before moving to another community in Nebraska for a time working in computer support. When my father died from Leukemia developed from Agent Orange exposure, I returned to Lincoln to help care for my family and return to school towards a bachelor's degree in Parks and Tourism with a focus on Historical Tourism. Through work and school projects there was unfortunately little time to be had to work on the website.

When Geocities announced the site's closure in October 2009, panic would be a word that I experienced (especially losing the little 10,000 site hit button! Thanks all!). An all out effort to locate a new web hosting service eventually brought me to Yola, who I must say have been excellent hosts by offering new tools and space unknown in the 2000-vintage Geocities world.

Previously I have been active within several volunteering and internship positions including with the Strategic Air and Space Museum, the National Park Service, the University of Nebraska and other entities. In 2011 I worked at Minuteman Missile National Historic Site near Wall, South Dakota and diversified my Cold War interest into Minuteman missiles as well. On the other hand I have made it a priority to rebuild a Lincoln Air Force Base site and continue to gather information from veterans. (By the way, if you have filled out a questionnaire in the past, you may sure fill out a new one if you feel like it).

I bid you all a happy new year and a promise that I will build this site better than ever. Its a whole new decade coming up, and I'm looking forward to working with you to preserve the base even more.
 What We Have and What We Need:

While the museum is predominately online, we do possess some physical artifacts from the base in hopes of one day creating a collection for a physical museum (best case: an aviation museum in Lincoln Nebraska or at least to create a preserved collection for an interested Nebraskan preservation society/program). These artifacts in our possession are housed at a secure location.

One (1) 1/44th Scale B-47E Stratojet Model
One (1) 1/144th Scale B-47E Stratojet Model
One (1) 1/144th Scale KC-97G Model
One (1) 1/44th Scale Nike-Hercules Missile Model

Two (2) Mini Lincoln AFB postcard booklets
Four (4) Lincoln AFB related postcards
One (1) Lincoln AAF (World War II) era base guide
One (1) Lincoln AAF (World War II) Thanksgiving menu
One (1) "Lincoln Air Base" (Probably World War II) Embroidered Tablecloth
One (1) Wives of Lincoln Air Force Base Cookbook

One (1) Vintage 551st Strategic Missile Squadron patch
One (1) New 2nd Air Force Patch
One (1) Missile Combat Crew Commander Pin
One (1) Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander Pin
One (1) New Missile Combat Crew Service Pin

Any Lincoln Air Force Base Guide (1954 to 1966)
Any Photographs pertaining to the base
Patches of units stationed at the base (or at least photographs to create historical record online)
Your input and history to create a rounded base history for future generations
Really anything else related to Lincoln Air Force Base in general