The Story of 52-2718 "Angel of Deliverance"
Former KC-97 98th Air Refueling Squadron Lincoln AFB

Photo provided by Ken Fisher 

Some great interior shots of the C-97 sent to the museum in October 2016 by Ken Fisher. Photos were taken by Butch Moran at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY
Can you say "What a Beaut!", the converted C-97 with a history that traces back to the 98th Air-Refueling Squadron at Lincoln AFB takes off from Floyd Bennett Field in New York. This is currently the only airworthy C-97 worldwide today. Special Thanks to longtime friend of the museum Ken Fisher and photographer Butch Moran for these photos! 
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It appears that a KC-97 veteran from Lincoln is flying (although apparently undergoing overhaul) at the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation's space at Hangar "B" at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY (located within the Gateway National Recreation Area). The website points out that this aircraft was delivered to the 98th Air Refueling Squadron in April 1954 by Boeing Aircraft. Service was brief at Lincoln but this aircraft went on to serve with several more SAC air-refueling units until transferring to the National Guard in 1964 where, with two J-47 engines, was upgraded to KC-97L status. Dropped from the inventory sometime in the mid 1970s it changed hands a few more times before being purchased in 1996 by the foundation.

Today it serves as a flying classroom dedicated to preserving the history of the Cold War. An interesting fate to one of Lincoln's airplanes.

Ray Steube, A crew chief of a KC-97 in the 98t Air Refueling Squadron from 1954 to 1957 points out that this aircraft, 52-22718 was delivered on April 27th 1954 and it left in September 1954. He also informs us of the fate of 53-33816, the last KC-97 built by Boeing delivered to the 98th Air Refueling Squadron in 1956. That aircraft was also taken by the foundation and used for spare parts for 52-22718. Before this the last KC-97 built was flown by the Bimbo Bread Company in Mexico.

Thanks to Ken Fisher for suggesting this story