Site #1 (Construction Site #10) Elmwood, Nebraska

Coordinates 40-48-58  096-12-23

History of Site:

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Site Today: Topside utilized by Eastern Nebraska Auto Recyclers (Quite a large salvage lot)
Note: Photos below were provided by Lathen Photography

A water pump shack, keeping the silos dry and free of leeching groundwater was always a problem at Lincoln sites. 
The emergency escape hatch in the Launch Control Center (LCC). This exit was filled with a ton of sand that would drop down through the shaft when opened. The sand acted as a barrier against fallout and blast. 
I believe this is a motor mount on the side of the silo 
The main entrance leading down into the containment area. Should an invader succesfully get past the cyclone-wired fence, the two guards topside, and the door, the area below was closed off from the rest of the site by a heavy door. Television cameras survailed the small area to confirm identity before they could enter inside.
A shot inside the open silo ( has much better photographs). At one point the rumor was that car tires filled this silo up to that access door in the middle of the silo. Considering the size and depth of the silo, that would mean a VERY large number of discarded tires.
 Towards the LCC, I believe this is a stairwell
Another shot inside the silo, note the sides up top as only one half of the 3 ton silo door is open. 
An old part of the cradling that attached the missile stand apparatus to the wall. Many Atlas silos were emptied of their scrap metals between their deactivation in 1965 through today.
Blast door latch
In the LCC, due to the ground tremors that a nearby nuclear blast would create, room lights hung from shock-absorbing springs. 
Another pump building on site 
Half of the site's gate (the rest has been demolished), built large enough to allow access from the massive missile hauling trailer from the highway into the site. 
A dim look inside what looks like the top level of the LCC capsule. 
A well worn hinge, a powerful motor was employed to open these massive doors. 
Half the opened silo door, a fence has been erected between the top here and the silo hole. 
In a hallway of some sort, reflective tape put up to aid sight. Underground without light, these structures are intensely dark. 
I believe this was an access hatch to the silo. 
Looking back out of the main access portal.