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The Great Plains region after World War II became the heart of Strategic Air Command operations, first with bomber bases and later with missiles. Lincoln was a part of this expansion as well as many others. After 1960 the region became the primary basing area of ICBMS and was later undoubtedly targeted by many Soviet ICBMs. A few bases have gone while many continue with newer commands established after the Cold War. The last true bomber bases of the plains are Ellsworth (B-1s) and Minot (B-52s). The midwest has changed its role in this post-Cold War environment. Besides Lincoln there were...

Kearney AFB An active base during World War 2, It was home to the 27th Fighter Wing (I think) up until the late 40's Kearney AFB was closed in 1949, although many of the hangars and buildings remain.
Kearney Airport Website

Offutt AFB SAC headquarters near Omaha, Neb, home to the former Martin bomber plant, it became apart of SAC in the 40's since then it has been home to the "Looking Glass" aircraft as well as the 549th SMS (Atlas-Ds based near Mead and Arlington NE and Missouri Valley Iowa)
(The 549th was under Lincoln control for a while might I add)
Now home to the 55th Wing flying various C-135s including the "Rivet Joint" recon aircraft. Apart of Air Combat Command and home to Strategic Command, control of U.S. nuclear forces.
Offutt Website

Schilling AFB Could be considered Lincoln's sister base (being that the same aircraft, missiles were deployed there). Down by Salinas, KS it closed in 1967 and is also now a industrial park.
Schilling/Smoky Hill page here

F.E. Warren AFB  Should be regarded as the home of the ICBM, this base near Cheyanne, Wyoming was in the Old West. Once operators of Atlas-Ds as well as early Minuteman ICBMs. Now operate Minuteman 3 and Peacekeeper missiles. Missile fields stretched as far south as Colorado and east into Nebraska
F.E. Warren Website

Ellsworth AFB A long serving bomber base, once known as Rapid City and Weaver Air Force Bases. Was equipped with B-36s, B-52s and now B-1s. Also was a Titan 1 and Minuteman 2 base Interceptor and a Nike base as well.
Ellsworth Website

Whiteman AFB Base in central Missori was once home to Minuteman 2 silos and the ERCS system. B-47s once operated out of there until 1963. Now operates the B-2 Stealth Bomber.
Whiteman Website

Grand Forks AFB Home to the 319th Bomb Wing (now 319th Air-Refueling Wing) this base operated B-52s as well as Minuteman 3 ICBMs. Interceptors also based here. Grand Forks was the only base ever protected by ABMs thanks to the Stanley Mickleson Safeguard Complex
Grand Forks Website

Minot AFB Last of the true SAC bases (bomber and missile combination) It has been home to B-52Hs for many years. 150 Minuteman IIIs are also based here. Once controlled by the Air Defense Command, SAC took over in the 50's. F-106 and F-16ADF interceptors were once based here
Minot Website

Forbes AFB This Tactical Air Command base was home to the 55nd Strat. Wing (now at Offutt) and operated Atlas-Es during the 1960's. The base closed in 1973 and is now Forbes Air National Guard base flying KC-135s.

McConnell AFB Base near Wichita, KS that operated Titan 2s from the 60s til the 80s. Flew various aircraft such as the F-105 and today flys B-1s and refueling aircraft as well. Was once a B-47 training center where Lincoln crews went to learn how to fly them.
McConnell Website