Lincoln AFB Questionare

Lincoln Air Force Base Informational Questionnare

One of the greatest informational sources I have found throughout the years of my website is the veteran. With my newly aquired knowledge of HTML coding I can now provide you with an easier questionare, for those who want to, to fill out and send over to me. I'd just like to lend my thanks to all of you once more for your help in creating the story of Lincoln Air Force Base.

Be advised that a text e-mail version is still available to those who want it

There is NO LIMIT to what you can type down here, meaning just because they are in boxes doesn't mean thats all the space you have, so do as much or as little as you want, you don't even have to finish it if you don't want.

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Your History with/at Lincoln AFB Rank at departure of LAFB

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Your Job Title and/or description
Some Questions about LAFB What were your inital thoughts of being sent to Lincoln AFB or also your first thoughts of accually seeing the base for the first time?

How were you trained to perform your duties before and while at Lincoln?

What sorts of specialties or special training might have you possessed for your job?

Your Opinion on the Barracks at Lincoln AFB (NCO, Officers, Airmen, Guest Houses, Transient) and also any stories of these you may recall(Skip if you were not in these)

Your Opinion on Base Housing, such as the hill, housing problems, Arnold School or any stories and information you want to share about them

Your Opinion on housing in the city of Lincoln, Do you believe that it was a nice place to live and any stories and information you want to share about them

Thoughts about visiting the city itself while at the base, (off-duty or on) plus how you believed the town looked upon the airmen of Lincoln and any stories and information that you want to share

During your tour, how did you feel about the discipline of the base or the recuring "safety" theme?

Did any moments of political tension seem to effect the base mood or yourself at any given time (Moments include Suez Crisis, Berlin Crisis, Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy Assasination, etc.)during your tour?

If ever on a TDY, explain your thoughts about them and perhaps some information on how they were carried out, also stories concerning your trips.

Explain your last days at Lincoln and how you felt about leaving the base for good.

Special places or events at Lincoln that you remember visiting or hanging out at (such as drive-ins, bars)

Any major events that were defining moments at Lincoln AFB you may of witnessed

Finally, Please share any stories, thoughts, incidents, Etc. that you believe should not be lost to history. Anything I have not included that you believe should be in here.

I wish to thank you for your time in filling out this questionare. Thanks to your help, Lincoln Air Force Base will not be claimed to history and will live on for future generations