Site #11 (Construction Site #8) Seward, Nebraska
Coordinates 40-55-37  097-11-12

History of Site:

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Site Today: Only site among 12 cleared of contamination problems, now a Seward county roads department site

Special Thanks to Duane Koss for the photo gallery below.


A silo-lid parking lot, the red pickups are parked directly over the doors and gives you an impression at the size of the Atlas missile.
 A look at the main entry along with the air-intake pipe and the escape hatch 
Another look at the main entrance  
I believe this was an antenna silo situated nearby the main entrance. 
 A few quonsets sitting nearby, the structures are more than likely original.
 A water-pump house
A fully-intact entry gate to the complex, note the pump house northwest of the gate.