Nebraska Aviation Heritage Museum

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A goal of the legacy project from the very beginning was to support the preservation of Lincoln Air Force Base in many mediums - electronic, capturing verbal history and possibly, one day, as part of a museum. Today, a physical museum is in reach! With statewide support, we hope to not only preserve Lincoln's aviation past but exploits from across the state. To make it happen, we need your support! Consider joining the cause for preservation!

We have provided information and tentative museum information below in forms of .pdf and word documents.

Updated information is always available on Facebook @LincolnAirForceBase and @NebrAHM
Meeting History
February 16, 2019
A preliminary meeting was held to determine the feasibility of an aviation museum in Air Park. Due to a snowstorm, attendance was limited however a great deal of information was attained by those involved.
March 27, 2019
A small group planning meeting was held at Huskerville Pub and Pizza. Information pertaining to non-profit status was achieved
May 22, 2019
The planned inaugural meeting of the Nebraska Aviation Heritage Museum at the former Lincoln Army Airfield Chapel. We will determine our incorporation, election of officers and moving forward on the preservation of the Cold War-era chapel in Air Park. The public is invited to participate!
Cold War-era Chapel Photos
Museum-related Documents
NebraskaProposal2019.pdf NebraskaProposal2019.pdf
Size : 2588.895 Kb
Type : pdf
NebAHMMay22PowerPoint.pdf NebAHMMay22PowerPoint.pdf
Size : 2091.878 Kb
Type : pdf
TenativeMay22Agenda.docx TenativeMay22Agenda.docx
Size : 13.029 Kb
Type : docx
PreliminaryMeetingPowerpointFeb2019.pdf PreliminaryMeetingPowerpointFeb2019.pdf
Size : 2791.622 Kb
Type : pdf
NebrAHMBylaws.docx NebrAHMBylaws.docx
Size : 27.018 Kb
Type : docx
RoughdraftNebrAHMArticlesofIncorp.docx RoughdraftNebrAHMArticlesofIncorp.docx
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NebrAHMFunding.pdf NebrAHMFunding.pdf
Size : 667.739 Kb
Type : pdf